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To reach a confirmed reservation, the following shall be taken into account:
You send us a reservation or availability form and within 24-48 hours you receive our reply. You have a small deadline either to definitively confirm the reservation you requested or think about the alternatives that we may suggest, depending on the availability of the accommodation.

To make a confirmed reservation, you shall receive a written confirmation, with the corresponding code for your booking within 48 hours after your final request. If you don't receive this code, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The voucher corresponding to the tour reservation, as well as all relevant documents, will be e-mailed to you once payment has cleared. You can find out more details about the payment in the section TERMS OF PAYMENT.

If your reservation concerns a specific confirmed package, you shall know that if you want to change a hotel or the schedule of the package, thus making changes in all the reservations in the corresponding islands, our company reserves the right to charge some procedural expenses. If your package is charged with a price increase due to a different period that may occur because of the change in dates for a hotel that you have already booked, then you will be charged the whole amount of the increase.

Our company accepts reservations by people over 18 years old. In a contrary case, we reserve the right to refuse handling the request. 

Moreover, if you change your reservation during your stay at the hotel or other accommodation that you have selected, please inform us. If you fail to inform us, our company bears no responsibility if you are asked to pay an additional amount for the extension of your stay, or in case you leave earlier and cancellations occur, you will not be entitled to reimbursement.