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Chora, Amorgos Chora, Amorgos

Southern part

Katapola is the main port of Amorgos and has about 380 people. It is located in a well protected bay. There are three settlements: Katapola, Xylokeratidi and Rahidi where numerous touristic facilities can be found. On the hill above Katapola there are the ruins of the ancient town of Minoa and a Mycenaean cemetery.  In the area of Katapola important findings of the Cycladic civilization were made. The largest figurine displayed in the National Archeological Museum in Athens was found here.

Small hamlet to the west above Katapola. Worth visiting is the church of Agios Georgios.

Xylokeratidi is located close to Katapola, to the left side of the port. Worth a visit is the church of Tris Ierarches at the beginning of the village.

Chora is the capital of Amorgos is built in the centre of the island at an altitude of 320 meters. Its architecture combines classic Cycladic elements with a rich tradition. The white two floor houses are situated on a hill dominated by the historical Venetian castle. The central square, crossing point of most of the narrow, cobbled streets is called "Loza". The view to the Windmills on the hill is spectacular. Numerous churches are spread out in Chora such as Agioi Pantes, Agioi Apostoli and Agios Nikolaos from the early Christian period. Walking through the streets of Chora one will find remains of the ancient city. The archeological museum exhibits findings from all over Amorgos.    Down to the east side is the beach of Agia Anna where the famous movie "The Big Blue" was filmed.  A path leads in many turns and with great views from Chora to the Monastery Chozoviotissa.

Kamari is the first village one passing on the way to the south-east part of Amorgos.

The village of Arkesini is located 15 kilometers south-west of Chora. It is built on the slope of the Mount Korakas overlooking the valley of Kato Meria. The approx. 100 locals engage themselves in cattle-raising and fishing. There are the imposing churches of Agios Onoufrios and Agia Paraskevi with their characteristic blue domes.

Vroutsi is located in the area of Kato Meria. You will find the big church Agios Spiridonas and a good taverna that offers local products. A path leads to Akro Kastri (Ancient Arkessini).

The region of Kato Meria is located in the south-west part of Amorgos and is a retreat of scenic beauty and peace. Only about 220 people live in this area distributed among a couple of villages.

This small village is located in the south-west of Amorgos about 18 kilometers from Chora. It is a traditional settlement with a caf? and a few rooms to let.

Northern part

Aegiali is located in a bay with many sandy beaches in the North of Amorgos. This picturesque village has about 430 inhabitants and is the second port of the island. It's 26km away from Chora, and it attracts much tourist activity as here there are plenty of tourist accommodations, shops, bars, taverns, even old cafeneion beside the sea to be found.

On the North of Amorgos you will find the village of Lagada. It is located only 4 kilometers above Aegiali. Amphitheatrically built it offers to the visitor marvelous views over the bay and the sea. Small white washed houses along narrow streets, some caf?s and tavernas. Close by you find the church of the Agia Triada, built into the rocks. From here you can climb the mount Krikelos.

Potamos is located south of Aegiali and offers the best view over the Aegiali area.

Tholaria is located about 3,5 kilometers north of Aegiali. It offers beautiful views over the bay, tavernas, caf?s and some hotels. Dominating is the church of Agii Anargiri. Popular place for dinner and to escape the busy Aegiali.  North-west of ruins of the ancient town of Aegiale or Vigla.