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Amorgos is the island of the movie "The Big Blue". Located at the east end of the Cycladic archipelagos its rugged mountains raise savagely from the sea. Most parts of the coast are unrelentingly steep but take a softer line on the central western side around the area of Katapola.

Approaching the island on a ferry boat is an impressive experience. Although connections have improved during the previous years Amorgos lies still "off the beaten tracks".

The island covers about 121 sqkm and has 112 km of coastline. Amorgos has approx. 1850 permanent residents according the latest census. There are daily connections with the island of Naxos and in our days almost daily connections also with the main land port of Piraeus.

The terrain in Amorgos is mountainous with small plains around the two ports of the island: Aegiali and Katapola. (not all ferries dock in both !!).

The islands morphology separates Amorgos in three parts. North of the Profitis Ilias (about 700 meters high), the central part around Chora and the port Katapola and in the southwest the region of Kato Meria. The highest mountain is the Krikelos in the north east with 823 meters. The coast on the east side of the island is sheer and rough. The climate in Amorgos is dry with mild winters and cool summers due to the winds of the Aegean Sea.

Most famous site on Amorgos is the Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa, 3 kilometers east of Chora, built in a cavity of the steep rocky slope of the Profitis Ilias mountain facing the sea. On the 21st of November is the big celebration for the Panagia.

Amorgos is one of the most beautiful and impressive islands in the Cyclades. The traditional lifestyle, the hospitality of the locals, the rough and rocky landscape combined with the magnificent Aegean sea - a unique experience!