One day cruises in Paros

The day Cruises is a way for fun leisure trips with or without theme.  

Choose a day cruise for fun, for educational reasons, or even for just leisure purposes.  The goal is always the same:  to make your holiday wonderful and unforgettable.
So do not hesitate… just join us in one of our Day Cruises!
Best rates and discounts available for early bookings through our web-site.

Almost in all the Cycladic island one can find day cruises programs and tours. Fun leisure trips with or without theme.  A visit of a different island for  the day, enjoying sun and sea by reaching untouchable beaches, fishing options, sailing experience with friends and many others!

Many options to have fun and combine a tour, that’s why we in Visit-Cyclades cruise pages wish to present to you our suggestions and proposals for leisure trips that start from some of our basic islands for the moment (slowly slowly more islands will be added).

For example, if you have your stay in the islands of Paros or Naxos, you would be able to visit other neibourhuding islands like Mykonos, Delos, Naxos, Small Cyclades (Iraklia & Koufonisi) and others even in more private ways.

Best rates and discounts are available for early bookings though our web-site.

We also offer the possibility of a private sailing cruise for 1-2 days (with skipper), to surrounding destinations  like Kimolos – Polyegos – Milos or for Schinousa- Iraklia – Kero – Koufonisi, or to Ios – Sikinos, or even Delos – Rhenia for a BBQ trip (all these departing from Paros). And other options weather permitting.

Of course is important to have in mind, that these cruise itineraries are always subject to weather conditions and sailing is not permitted for these kind of excursion boats when winds of 7-8 beauforts are in force.

For more details please check our full list of terms and conditions as well.

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