Delos & Mykonos – Cruise

Every Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday
The trip starts at the port of Naxos.  After a short stop the boat departs from Naoussa at 09:30. It takes only 45min direct to the sacred island of Delos. For about 3 hours, you will have the opportunity to go around this worldwide famous floating museum.  Afterwards, you can take a stroll in Mykonos‘ lanes and see the famous “small Venice”, the windmills and the old churches. Then, you will certainly have some time left for a lunch or dip in one of her well-known beaches.

Duration is 8 hours. The price does not include food, guided tours and entrance fee in Delos. For Paros, transportation is provided which is included in the price.

Cost of the Cruise: 50,00 Euro per adult & 25,00 Euro per child

ONE WAY to Mykonos with ALEXANDER is also possible: 25 Euro

The precise schedule operated by M/V CAT ALEXANDER:
Monday, Wednesday & Sunday from 08/05

Departure Port Time Arrival Port Time
Naoussa 09:30 Delos 10:15
Delos 13:15 Mykonos* 13:30
Mykonos 17:00 Naoussa 18:00
Naoussa 18:10 Naxos 18:45

* Starting from 01/06 M/V CAT ALEXANDER will reach directly Mykonos after leaving passengers in Delos. 



The precise schedule operated by NAXOS STAR BOAT:
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays from 29/4

Departure Port Time Arrival Port Time
Naoussa 09:30 Delos 10:20
Delos 13:20 Mykonos 13:45
Mykonos 17:00 Naoussa 18:20
Naoussa 18:30 Naxos 19:00

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