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Here you will find answers to the questions many of our clients have already placed.
If you have a question which is not in this section, please contact us.


What is the difference between a twin room and a double room?
A twin bedded room has two single beds and a double room has one double bed.
Is breakfast included?
Usually all hotels include breakfast in your stay. The studios and apartments do not include breakfast since they provide cooking facilities.  Occasionally breakfast is optional.
Are taxes included?
Yes, unless stated otherwise.
Do children get a discount?
Usually children from 2-12 years old get a 50% discount provided when they share their parent’s room.  Sometimes the hotel states specific price for children staying in their parent’s room. Studios and apartments do not offer such discounts.
What happens if I have more than one child?

This depends on hotel policy and the type of bedroom.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes if you book more than a month in advance. The required deposit is 30% of the total price as long as the balance is paid 25 days before that start of your stay. Otherwise you pay in full in advance.
Can do I make a reservation by phone?
We do not make reservations by phone. You can send us an e-mail or fax with all your personal details.  If it is a last moment booking (less than 24 hours) please give your credit card details for payment in full.
How will my booking be confirmed?
  1. Choose your accommodation of your preference and send us a message to find out prices and availability.
  2. Within 24-48 hours you will receive a reply with alternative options in the event the rooms you requested are unavailable.  You are also given a short period of time to make a final decision.
  3. As soon as we receive your final decision and your credit card details we will send you written confirmation of your booking and your booking reference.
I want to go to a specific hotel which I can't find in your site. Can you help?
Yes. We will try to come in contact with the hotel and inform you of prices and availability. As long as there is availability you can book through our office.
What are the check-in and check-out times?
Usually check out is at 11:00am and check in at 14:00pm. Times though may vary according to hotel policy.
If I want to check out later than 12:00 will there be an extra charge?
You should tell us when booking so we can check to see if it possible. There is usually an extra charge according to the time you want to depart. You can usually leave your luggage in the hotel luggage deposit.
Are pets allowed?
It varies according to hotel policy.  You should ask us when booking. In the event that pets are allowed you should always have a cage with you.  They are not allowed to swim in the pool, they should be vaccinated and have a flea collar.  They must not bother other guests.
How can I travel with my pet?
Within Europe they must have a special passport.  The animals must be vaccinated against rabies and must have either a microchip or a tattoo for identification.  The owner is responsible for obtaining the necessary traveling documents.  For further information you could come in contact with your vet.
Can I change my ferry tickets if they no longer suit me?
  1. If you have High Speed tickets or tickets with G.A.Ferries company you can change the tickets between at least 24hours before the departure of the boat on payment of 4,00 Euro extra per ticket.  Blue Star Ferries allows you to change your ticket up to 4 hours before of the boat departure on payment of 2,00 Euro extra per ticket.
  2. If you have tickets from one shipping company and you want to change to another, it is best to get in contact with the first shipping line as soon as possible.
Will I get a refund if I leave my hotel sooner than I have booked for?
Usually hotels do not return money in such cases.


Do children get a discount?
Usually children 0-5 years old are free of charge and 6-11 years old get a 50% discount on the published Cruise rates. No discount applies on optional cruise transfer services (i.e. services at an extra cost)
What happens if I have more than one child?
This depends on each Cruise company’s policy and is upon request.
What happens if I get sick and need to cancel my cruise last minute?
Usually a 5% of the total amount of the cruise will apply for any written cancellation received at least 24 hours prior to sailing.
For the last moment cancellations that will occur on the time of the pick up service a 50% of the total amount will be charged as cancellation fee.
In case of non show without any prior notice no refund will be available.
Can I have an overnight stay at the cruise destination?
This could happen when buying two separate tickets to/ from destination as boat companies or schedules could change the last minute with no further notice. Also have in mind that you might need to return by normal boat instead of the cruise one.
Can I return with the same ticket on the next scheduled trip?
This could happen when buying two separate tickets to/ from destination as boat companies or schedules could change the last minute with no further notice. Also have in mind that you might need to return by normal boat instead of the cruise one.
Can I take with me my motorbike on the cruise boat?
No it’s not possible. These boats are only for passengers.
Is any meal included in the cruise?
This depends on which day cruise you might be interested in.  For example only the BBQ of Antiparos or the Southern beach of Naxos cruise include BBQ meal and beverage in their itinerary.  Check more details in our cruise programs.
Can we go only to Delos and skip the visit to Mykonos?
No, this is not possible.  In case you might need to stay in Delos more than the scheduled 3 hours, you might need to depart with the last local boat that is around 14:00 and to pay extra ticket for that. Also you should know that the Archaeological site is closing at that time anyway.
For the Santorini cruise can I get a discount if I do not follow the bus tour?
Normally no, but everything can be solved out if you ask for it.  Sometimes we have made an exception.
Which places of Santorini does the bus tour cover? Any time for swimming?
The bus tour will pick you up from the port of Athinio and will take you to Oia and Fira only.  More free time you will have at Fira.  You may have time to go down to the Caldera port but you won’t have enough time to go swimming.


Sometimes you might see some abbreviations referring to travel or tourist world that might not be easy for you to understand it.
So hereunder you may find some of the most common abbreviations which might help you somewhere.

BB= Bed & breakfast
H/B = Half Board (includes breakfast & one meal)

A/O = Accommodation Only
R/R = Room Rate
S/C = Self Catering
Above three apply for studios/apartments, rooms and house.  Accommodations in general that are equipped with kitchenette facilities and do not offer breakfast.

SV = Sea View
GV = Garden View
PV = Pool View
LV = Land View
MV = Mountain View
NA = Not Available
PAX = people – persons
P/P = Per Person
P/D = Per Day
ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival
ARR = Arrival
DEP = Departure
TRF = Transfer



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