Terms & Conditions

See below the terms, conditions, rules and any other restrictions that apply to our operations in general or to the operation of this website. You will also find information pertinent to our commitment and liability towards our clients. If still in doubt please do not hesitate to ask.

General Terms

PRICES: All prices mentioned are expressed in Euros, are mentioned per unit (room or studio etc), per day, and include all relevant taxes.

PERSONAL DETAILS: All personal details you give us will be registered in our client list and will be strictly used for your personal reasons. These details can be used exclusively by us in order to inform you about programs and offers that may be launched from time to time or other news that may be of interest to you. If you do not want to receive such information and offers, please send us an e-mail at management@visit-cyclades.com

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: Our office does not assume any liability if you proceed to booking without having arranged all the travel documents required for your destination. You are personally responsible for any problem that may arise due to lack of visa or an expired passport that could result in your not being allowed to travel, or in your being charged for cancellation.

BUDGET ACCOMMODATION: For reservations regarding small, budget hotels, rooms to let, & studios, we strongly recommend that we arrange your transfer from the port/airport of your arrival, for your own convenience. Otherwise, our company does not assume any responsibility for any discomfort that you may experience until you reach the specific accommodation.

RELIABILITY: People experienced in the field of tourism have worked to create this website, with great diligence and professionalism, aiming to offer an integrated information service for users/visitors. Visit-Cyclades.com in no case can be held liable or responsible for changes or omissions occurring at any time. Moreover, any errors that may occur are in no case binding on us and they can be corrected at any time. In cases of human or computer errors with regard to the price of a specific service or the rate for a room, our company reserves the right to notify the customer and charge him/her with the correct price of the service. In case the customer does not accept to pay the balance for the service, he/she shall send us an e-mail at management@visit-cyclades.com within two days of the notification of such correction, so that we can cancel the services and reimburse the advance payment.

LIABILITY: Visit-Cyclades.com, as a tourist agency together with its collaborators who operate as our representatives at the different destinations included in our services, have limited liabilities.

Neither our agency nor our collaborators bear any liability for any accident, illness, delay or other impact due to damage or any other reason whatsoever caused in any transportation means or due to any mistake or negligence of the transportation company or an employee thereof. Our company and representatives will in no case assume the responsibility for any additional cost that may arise due to delay or sudden change. It shall also be clear and straightforward that our company operates simply as an intermediary between several tourist units or other services and the customers of our website. So, we demarcate our position from the responsibilities and obligations of our suppliers.
As mentioned above, any agreement/collaboration between you and our company is exclusively subject to Greek law, and the Courts of Syros have exclusive jurisdiction.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY:  The reproduction of part or of this entire website is not permitted without the prior consent in writing of Visit-Cyclades.com, while we also reserve all intellectual property rights.

CRUISES: It is important that you know that all shipping companies as well as the companies that organize cruises reserve the right to change the prices or the itinerary or even the ship without any prior notice. Moreover, the sequence of the events or the ports included in the schedule could also change at any time and we assume no responsibility in this case.

Booking Policy

To reach a confirmed reservation, the following shall be taken into account:
You send us a reservation or availability form and within 24-48 hours you receive our reply. You have a small deadline either to definitively confirm the reservation you requested or think about the alternatives that we may suggest, depending on the availability of the accommodation.

To make a confirmed reservation, you shall receive a written confirmation, with the corresponding code for your booking within 48 hours after your final request. If you don’t receive this code, please contact us at reservation@visit-cyclades.com

The voucher corresponding to the tour reservation, as well as all relevant documents, will be e-mailed to you once payment has cleared. You can find out more details about the payment in the section TERMS OF PAYMENT.

If your reservation concerns a specific confirmed package, you shall know that if you want to change a hotel or the schedule of the package, thus making changes in all the reservations in the corresponding islands, our company reserves the right to charge some procedural expenses. If your package is charged with a price increase due to a different period that may occur because of the change in dates for a hotel that you have already booked, then you will be charged the whole amount of the increase.

Our company accepts reservations by people over 18 years old. In a contrary case, we reserve the right to refuse handling the request.

Moreover, if you change your reservation during your stay at the hotel or other accommodation that you have selected, please inform us. If you fail to inform us, our company bears no responsibility if you are asked to pay an additional amount for the extension of your stay, or in case you leave earlier and cancellations occur, you will not be entitled to reimbursement.

Payment Terms

According to the reservation policy mentioned above, this is our procedure:

Upon the final confirmation of your reservation, an advance payment of 30% of the total amount is requested for the final registration of your booking.

The balance shall be paid at least 20-25 days prior to the start of your trip, unless there are services that require the immediate full payment, such as cruises, ship tickets etc…

In cases where the reservation/request takes place at the last moment, meaning in a period less than 20 days from the onset date of your trip, immediate payment of the total amount for the services you chose is required.

Payment may be made with the selection that fits your preferences in the following ways:

1. Either by sending your details and your credit card details through our website and the specific security page that we indicate: https://parosbooking.com/payments/

2. Payment for the boat tickets booked through https://visit-cyclades.liknoss.com/app

You may follow the specific instructions indicated from the specific app.

3. Or by sending the money through a bank transfer. We will inform you of the banks with which we collaborate (Please check in https://parosbooking.com/payments/

Where are mentioned our bank account numbers, so that you choose the one that suits you best).

When the payment is made by wire transfer, you shall send us the bank deposit statement, by fax or e-mail, within the time period that you have been allowed to make the payment. If the deadline expires and you have not notified us, we will not proceed to the final information and confirmation of the relevant accommodation/travel service. So, there is a possibility that the accommodation/travel service supplier will cancel the reservation. This basically concerns the advance payment required for the finalization of your reservation.

Your credit card will be charged with the agreed amount, always expressed in Euros. Please note that we charge no extra fee for the use of credit cards and the following ones can be used: MasterCard, Visa and Maestro cards.

ATTENTION Electron (eg. Visa) cards, are not accepted, as in accordance with the banks’ guidelines, they cannot be debited without the physical presence of the customer.

Also AMEX & Dinners cards are not accepted either, as we do not cooperate with them in any service provided.

Upon the payment for the selected services, you will be sent by e-mail (or fax, if you wish) the confirmation voucher for the hotel or other accommodation that you may choose, as well as the details of the services you purchased and all data related to your schedule or the package that you selected, and the payment receipts.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that an already confirmed reservation is cancelled, you should have in mind the following:
When a reservation that has been partially or entirely paid off, you shall e-mail us the cancellation at management@visit-cyclades.com or reservation@visit-cyclades.com. Please note that your cancellation will be valid only if you receive our confirmation within the next 24 hours.

For cancellations made at least one month prior to the onset of your trip or your arrival, no cancellation fees apply, save for a 25.00 Euros fee for file expenses and administrative costs., you will be reimbursed depending on the way you made your payment.

For cancellations done less than a month prior to your arrival, the decision of whether there will be cancellation charges lies on the policy that the hotel or other accommodation that you have chosen follows. In some cases, where the accommodation follows a special cancellation policy, this will be mentioned in the general information related to the accommodation you have selected, otherwise it is up to the hotel to define whether it will charge a cancellation fee or not. It is important to know that our primary concern is our customers’ interest and we always do our best to minimize cancellation fees, if this is possible, upon contact with the accommodation.

Moreover, it’s must be stressed that no reimbursement applies in cases where you do not make use of the pre-selected services due to your own choice or mistake (e.g. you miss the ship, or you are late in waking up or you are not ready at the time set for your transportation appointment, or you give wrong details about your arrival, etc…). In case a service is not provided due to our or our collaborator’s fault, either the corresponding amount will be reimbursed or there will be some sort of other compensation.

In case there are changes or cancellation due to weather condition or other reasons of force majeure, then again upon communication with our company, there will be a readjustment of your schedule, based on the new prevailing conditions and given that this is feasible, otherwise no reimbursement will be made for services not provided due to the foregoing conditions.

Cruise Conditions of Payment and Restrictions

PAYMENT Full prepayment is required upon the final confirmation

CHILD REDUCTION Children between the ages of 5-10 receive a discount that varies according the type of the cruise.

CANCELLATIONS  A 5% of the total amount of the cruise will apply for any written cancellation received at least 48 hours prior to sailing. While full cruise fare for “non shows” & for any cancellation within the last 24 hours prior to sailing, will apply. Cancellations must be confirmed by our office in writing in all cases.
Cancellations must be confirmed by our office in writing in all cases.


Modification in the ship’s itinerary during season remains to the discretion of the relevant company.

The sequence of the ports of call might be changed during the return trip. That’s why one is always asked to check and reconfirm the trip always 24 hours prior to the sailing day.

Our office or the shipping company is not responsible for any delay in sailing, deviation and not keeping normal route, due to bad weather conditions or due to port authorities order or due to force major situation.

Reservations and issuing tickets in advance is recommended in order to avoid overbooking situations.

NOT INCLUDED IN CRUISE FARE Such personal expenses as drinks or meals, entrance fees, guide services and anything else not mentioned in cruise program.

Changes or cancellations done by the company that cause one to miss the scheduled day cruise: full refund (minus the 2% bank expenses) of the payed amount will apply or Participation in the next available operating day of that specific cruise will apply with no additional charges.

Comments & complains

It is important to note that if despite our collaborators’ and our best efforts there is a complaint (regarding your accommodation or any other service, e.g. an excursion) during your trip, you should inform us by e-mail at management@visit-cyclades.com or by calling us directly at 6971894290, while you are still on your trip, so that we can deal immediately with any problem or complaint that you may have.

If you have any complaint that you would like to express after your departure and within a month after your return, please e-mail us at management@visit-cyclades.com so that we can check on it, assess it and reply accordingly.

However, please note that any complaint not expressed or mentioned to our company or to our collaborators during your trip, will always be at our own discretion to accept or not.

In case a complaint or problem is not mentioned to our company within the period stipulated and a satisfactory solution is not given, or in case the solution of a dispute is sought through the courts, you shall acknowledge that any agreement/ collaboration between you and our company is exclusively subject to Greek law, and the Courts of Syros have exclusive jurisdiction.

Nevertheless, your comments and views about our services and the accommodation suggested will be very useful and much appreciated so that we can work on any potential weaknesses and also improves the level and completeness of our services.
We are looking forward to hearing your opinion.

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