Our strong experience in the field of tourism, guarantee the success of the organization of a group request.  We create programs and motivate groups of different themes and profiles to visit and share with us our passion for Greece.
Among others we give emphasis to the smallest details, study well the project and the participants and give our suggestions.
We work out any of our project together with the group organizers based on the following criteria:
  • We advise the choice of possible destination and other ideas
  • We assist with the selection of the hotels
  • We organize transportation of all means and cover all needs.
  • We co-operate with experienced partners
  • We emphasize in Gastronomical  and judicious choices of menus, taverns and restaurants
  • We organize Excursions and special activities based on the profile of the group participants

We organize Seminars, Weddings, Incentive groups, Religious groups, Groups for Motorcycle Lovers, Student Groups, and in general Groups of various Themes.
Enclosed is a typical, custom design holiday for a very unique Group, the Vespa Club del Mediterraneo.  We have been their servicing travel agency for five years, developing unique tours for them in Greece, Italy and Spain.  That could gives an idea of whatwe can do for even the most unique groups. Feel free to contact them at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as a reference.
Just give us your group theme and we'll give you our ideas!