Sailing – Important Information

The new suggestions and offers by are referring to Private sailing cruises with captain within the Cycladic islands. Paros is your best choice for this type of adventure holidays as it’s situated exactly in the middle of the Archipelagos with so many islands lying to the north and to the south. And on the other hand from the moment that there is technical support on the island it will make your life on board easier. Of course there is also the option to pick up a boat from Athens back to Athens but here we’ll give emphasis on sailing from / to Paros. There are options for 7 days cruises starting from Paros to Paros island, and also possibilities for 2-4 days cruises of your preference that could start from Paros and finish to Milos Island, or vise versa.Also we have creates 7 days/6nights Combi packages, that combines at least a 2 or 3 nights hotel stay and 2-3 nights sailing cruise.  Or even 10 days/9 overnights package hotel and cruise combinations. Of course you are given the change to adjust the sailing trip according to your own demands according to availability and your budget limits. In fact you may create your own Combi package, you just need to ask and give us the exact dates of your traveling dates in order to send you our complete and best offer.
Important Information

Arrival and Check in/out procedures.
Usually all of our 7 days charters start at 12:00. While for the shorter days charters coulddepart also around 10:00. The meeting point referring to Parikia port is the Marina Caféjust opposite of the yachts in the port of Parikia. While referring to departures from PisoLivadi or Adamas (Milos) the meeting point will be done directly at the yacht. In any case someone from the company is going to wait for you there. The firstacquaintance with your skipper and a short briefing about the weather and the itineraryis going to follow and soon after you will all head for the yacht. Find your way around theboat while we will prepare the paper work with the authorities and get ready for your firstday out at sea at about 13:00/11:00. For late arrivals head direct to the yacht where yourskipper will be waiting for you.Check out is at 18:00 (or earlier if you wish) at the same place. No special procedure is needed.On the other hand in cases or a Combi package, always an arrival/departure transfer to/from the yacht is included.

Weather conditions and sailing
Usually the yachts are certified by their designers to sail in all the weather conditions, but as we have customized our activities in cruising and the benefit our guests, the insurance companies as well as the authorities have adjusted their terms in this direction. So there are restrictions and sail is forbidden when the wind is equal or stronger to 7bfts, except that your captain believes that it would be safe to go downwind up to your next destinationor if you are in a protected area, without big waves. For example south of Naxos is lying the Archipelago of small Cyclades islands, where when the strong meltemi is blowing the huge island of Naxos to the north doesn’t allow big waves to build up. Finally night sailing is not allowed except if it’s a matter of safety.

Daily life on board
Usually we have breakfast onboard. After that we set sail for our next island. The sailing time depends on the chosen itinerary and might be from 2 up to 5 hours. On our way we make a stop at a nice anchorage for swimming. At this place we usually have a light meal of snacks for lunch and then we continue to our final destination where we get early in the afternoon, at about 3-4 pm, in order to have time to explore the island. Our skipper will give you directions and also we can arrange for a rental in case that you wish to drive around. Dinners are taken ashore because Greek food is a part of Greek lifestyle experience. Recommendations about restaurants are going to be given, as well as reservations could be arranged by us especially during the high season. For those who would like to continue with a drink, night life at the islands is always possible.What Shall I bring with me.First of all, it’s important to know that generally yachts and mini-cruise cabins have limited storage space so it preferable traveling with bags that can fold flat. Sport bags with wheels or a good quality backpack are best for storage purposes aboard. Apart from the provisions, all of our yachts are fully equipped for charters. So focus only onyour personal belongings. Sun protection stuff is mandatory. Keep in mind that the Greek sun is very strong. Beach towels might be useful and are always forgotten. Things that you shouldn’t forget: Usually we suggest to our guests to focus on things as follows: passport and visa (if required), air tickets, bank ATM cards, credit cards, waterproof windbreaker jacket, deck shoes or canvas non-skid boating shoes or sneakers (with light colored soles), swim suit(s), sun glasses with neck string, tanning lotion, brimmed hat with neck tie and/or baseball hat, light hiking or running shoes, sandals or ventilated shoes (for trekking through sites), shorts, t-shirts, lightweight long sleeve shirts & pants/trousers, dress shirt or blouses and long pants/trousers or skirts (for the evenings but nothing formal required), camera, battery charger and spare digital memory cards, toiletries, tooth brush, paste, shampoo, beach towel (some of our trips include beach towels), suggested ear plugs for noisier harbors and eye blinds for daytime siestas, specialty foods – for medical or health reasons (i.e. herbal tea, sweeteners, etc), personal medications (allergy, cold, anti inflammatory, indigestion pills), motion sickness medication(pills, patches, or bracelets), small pack-sac for camera and water bottle when going off shore.

Cleaning on board during sail
As soon as you will reach the yachts for the first time you will notice that we emphasize incleaning. A basket is located at the cockpit and you will be kindly asked by your skipperto leave your shoes there. Please respect the boat and try to keep it in goodcondition during the whole charter. It is good for all of us. Although it’s not includedin skipper’s duties, he is going to help in order to have a clean and respectable yacht bycleaning with fresh water the decks, wherever is possible and also by keeping an eye inthe inside condition whenever is needed. Your help would be appreciated as a sign ofrecognition for a pleasant stay. Don’t forget that the yachts are a special place whichneeds extra care, perhaps different from what you know by now. Don’t hesitate to askyour captain for every question even if you believe that is so simple. For example, makesure that on your return from the beach you clean your feet from the sand atthe cockpit shower. Sand in the shower means failure of the electrical pumps.

About the Skipper

Chartering a yacht with a skipper is a great idea if you wish to experience without distractions and worries the fun of your very own yacht charter. Professional skippers ensure your sailing holiday to be informative, safe and trouble free. Also allows you to enjoy your sailing skills as much as you like. Skippers are responsible for the safety of guests and the yacht and have a very good knowledge of the local sea waters as well as perfect locations and you can be based on their guidance and chosen destinations.

Few words for your skippers to be:
George Sifonios was born in 1954. He has Bachelor in Ecology, from the University of Thessaloniki, Greece and Master in Economics. Of course, Offshore Sailing Diploma and most than 25 years of experience as a skipper in the Aegean and in the Mediterranean Sea, since 1985. He is single with interest in reading, sculpture, woodwork and finance. He speaks Greek and English. He is sailing on ANDREASAntonis Biskentzis is 41 years old. He is also the owner of Greek water yachts. Hispassion for the sea and sailing was grown from his early childhood. Born and grew up in Paros by a family full of sailors was really difficult to choose a different way in his life except of being a sailor himself. As far as he remembers he was always on board fishing or a sailing boat or on board a big ship following his father. After high school he joined the Merchant Navy Academy and became an officer. He worked for 17 years on board passenger ships, mostly in the Aegean Sea. He sailed in the most isolated places building up his experience, really enjoying what he was doing. As the years were passing he got married and the first difficulties appeared on the horizon and in his mind because he was always away from his beloved persons. The time for a change in his life had come. Having in mind that he is in love with the sea he decided to establish this company in order to have exactly what he wants in his life, the sea and the family. He continues sailing for a few weeks as a skipper onboard his yachts and also has the whole winter for his children and his wife. He has two lovely kids, probably the next sailing generation of this family. He loves reading, travelling, hiking in the nature and he appreciates very much what he already has by now. His philosophy of simplifying the things is very obvious as soon as you will meet him. Goodlife for him has nothing to do with enormous profit and luxuries. Very simple everyday things and activities is the happiness he is looking for. Dealing with nature is the only key to achieve this target. He speaks Greek and English. He is sailing on RAFAELLA.Harris Pavlides (Greece) is the youngest skipper of our crew and lives on beautiful Paros island. He has sailed in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey) since 1990. After graduating from Dafni Institute of Technology in Editing & Sound Adaptation and worked for 12 years in the TV studios. He holds a PYC Offshore Sailing Diploma, is a windsurfing instructor and is certified with the Hellenic Red Cross. He participates in sailing races in Greece and when the wind is not blowing his hobbiesinclude paragliding and sculpturing marble. Harris is a very personable and fun loving skipper to sail with. . He is sailing on Zik Zak.

Skipper’s Duties
At this point it is very important to have in mind and know which the duties of a skipper onboard are. First of all he is responsible for the safety of you and the boat 24 hours a day, for as many days as the charter lasts. Your captain is the guy who is going to navigate and sail the yacht from one island to the other. He is the one who will man oeuvre at the ports and the one who will take you ashore with the dinghy, if you are at an anchorage. He is also the technician who will fix the problems that mightarise, if it is possible and finally your guide for life ashore with his recommendations. The working hours for a skipper are maximum eight, out at sea, but after that he is in charge of the boat’s safety, something that might keep him awake for the whole night,if the circumstances require it. Conclusively he is the hospitable host who will answer all of your questions and even teach you some basics of sailing, if you are interested.Important Notice referring your SkipperIt’s very important to have in mind that you will need to buy some food for your skipper. When you buy provisions for cooking onboard, keep in mind that one more person is in your company. You are also free to invite your captain ashore for dinner. However, he might decline your invitation simply because he needs rest. For him a season consists of successive, intense weeks. Tips are not mandatory. They are just a sign of recognition for a good job.


Booking Procedure & Terms of Payments and Cancellations.From the moment that you want to charter a private yacht with Captain or even a specificCombi Package, you may get in touch with us, in writing, where the exact dates of yourpreference will be mentioned, the number of participants, as well as the number of thesailing days that you wish to have are required. And within 24hours you will get acomplete offer with availability and rates.

In case that our offer will be interest you and wish to book and the “block” the yacht, anoption of 5 days will be given in order to think about and make up your mind and finalizedthe booking. If no reply will be received from you within these 5 days of option,automatically the option will be expired and the yacht will be available again to otherguests.

As soon as we’ll receive your final booking decision, a pro-forma invoice will be send toyou and you may proceed with the payment. This could be done either by using thesafety environment of our bank web site, charging your credit card, or by wiring moneydirect to our bank account. Whichever is more convenient for you. The first payment of50% should be done by the moment you will book the charter and the balance of 50%one month prior your cruise.

If you cancel your charter, our cancellation policy is described below.Up to 60 days prior to your departure 5% of the yacht fee is going to be retained.60-10 days prior to your departure 50% of the yacht fee is going to be retained.10 days prior to your departure 100% of the yacht fee is retained.On the other hand if we are not able to have the yacht ready for you on time, due tosome unforeseen factors, for example total loss of the boat, we are obliged to contactyou explaining the situation and make an agreement, either to return the whole amountof the fee to you or to find another similar yacht to do the charter.

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