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Amorgos Traditional Festivities

Amorgos is an island known for its relaxing atmosphere and the genuine Greek hospitality and that's the reason why many visitors return every year again. The inhabitants of Amorgos remained faithful to the customs and traditions of their island and didn't follow the flow of massive tourism.

An important part of Amorgos tradition is the fairs that take place on the island. The fairs are related to the religion belief of the people and help in maintain the tradition and the faith of the people. On Amorgos there are about 365 churches and monasteries which give the opportunity almost all year around to see traditional original island celebrations.

Some of the most important celebrations - besides Easter - are the following:

- Kapetanios day  On White Sunday that declares the end of Carnival Period. On boy from the village of Tholaria is chosen to be the Kapetanios (Captain) and he "selects" the girl he loves. The festivity starts in the morning and goes on for 24 hours. Fishes, local pies and wine is served all day long while traditional music and danses go on until next morning. 

- 8th of May (Saint John Theologos)

- 1st of July the celebration of Ag. Anargyron and on that day the inhabitants offer to the visitors the known "patatato" (potato dish) and plenty of local wine.
- 26th of July  the fair of Saint Friday (Ag. Paraskevi) in the area Kolofana           
- 6th of August the celebration of "Metamorphoseos tou Sotiros" at the Photodotis Christos.
- 15th of August  the second most important celebration for Greece in general. On Amorgos on that day takes place the fair of Panochorianis with live music, food (patatato) and plenty of wine.
- 21st of November the celebration of "Panagia Chozoviotissa" with offering fresh fish and local wine.

The most important religious celebration on Greece is in spring time, Easter. The week before Easter people paint their house and the streets white with lime. In the afternoon of Big Friday the people of Amorgos offer bread, olives and delicious sweets to their neighbors and visitors. In the night starts the procession of Epitaph around the small streets of Amorgos. The Epitaph is decorated with beautiful flowers and from their balconies women thrown perfumes and flowers. 

In Amorgos you can also enjoy delicious traditional dishes like the goat "patatato", stuffed tomatoes with cuttlefish, the famous sour cheeses and "fava" (smashed yellow peas). Don't forget to try the exquisite honey, fried bread and pastel with cumin and do not leave the island of Amorgos without having tried the "rakomelo" (warm raki - alcohol drink - with honey).
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